• Want better health? Start with your day – Dincharya

    Humans are of various kinds based on level of physical stature, finances, education and health. Some of these factors can be modified while some are inherited thus nothing much can be done. Though, modern science isn’t far behind to alter even inherited factors.

    One of the major factors that can be modified is a lifestyle. Simply said, the style of living. Lifestyle is an important component of today’s world. How we do things throughout the day makes a huge difference in our overall physical and mental health.

    Ayurveda, the science of life preaches not only treatment of diseases but also tells ways to maintain health and prevent diseases in the first place. It mentions some important tips that can be followed on a daily basis to preserve health by the name of “dincharya”.

    In our daily life, where our professional and personal relationships sometimes leave no time for ourselves, we should try to add as many as possible steps as mentioned in the Ayurveda classics.

    • Getting up early- the importance of Brahama muhurta

    Brahma muhurta means the time of Brahma i.e. the time of the creator or of the ultimate knowledge. It is a time period that begins two muhurtas before sunrise ( 1 muhurta= 48 minutes. So, before 1 hour and 36 minutes ) and ends after a muhurta (48 minutes)of sunrise.

    This time is said to be best for learning new things. All obligations of professional and personal life usually take the day and during this time, as our mind is calm otherwise one can function better for “self” like meditation, yoga or just anything that brings peace and joy to you.

    • Oil is your friend

    Oil is very beneficial to start your day. After you have brushed your teeth with a soft brush or daton i.e. twigs and bark of trees like neem, tejovati etc. you can put some sesame oil in your mouth and swish it around your mouth for a good 5-10 minutes and then spit it. This should be followed by swishing with warm water to remove all the residue of oil. Oil pulling doesn’t only clean your mouth thoroughly but also improves dental health and prevents tooth caries. It is known to improve facial muscle tone and promotes youthfulness.

    Another use of oil is to do a daily abhyanga i.e. massaging your body with warm oil. it should be started from your feet towards your heart. it promotes strength and provides suppleness to the skin. it enhances the complexion and makes joints stronger. it alleviates dryness and flakiness of the skin.

    One should also apply oil to the head and external orifices like the nose and ears. By putting oil in these areas one can reap the benefits of local in the form of thick, luscious hair and healthy scalp and also better sensory perception.

    Especially, if you are going out application of a little oil to your nostrils prevents not only just dust but also disease-causing microbes to enter the body.

    • Exercise- not just for the body but for the mind also

    Regular daily exercise has been stated as an important thing to do from the era of sages. Just a few minutes per day can bring a lasting change in your physical and mental body. it is a well-known fact that exercise promotes the feeling of happiness and well-being. on the physical front, it brings tone and strength to the musculature of our body.

    Exercise helps to remove waste products of metabolism through sweat thus it is a win-win situation. it should be remembered that moderation is the key here. excess of anything is never good and this goes same for exercising also.

    • Regular bath

    In Ayurveda, regular bathing is important. It is nowadays said to be even detrimental to our skin and overall health. This can be attributed to the usage of harsh chemical-based soaps and shampoos. So mild soaps and shampoos should be used instead. bathing elevates mood and promotes better blood circulation. it helps ease muscle tension and relaxes the body as well as the mind. One should be cautious about the temperature of the water though. Very hot water is detrimental to our skin, hair and eyes so cold to warm water should be used.


    In actuality, most of us already have been advised to do these things and we even try to inculcate these habits but the ever-increasing pressure of professional and personal responsibilities leaves little room for our own selves. So, taking one step at a time can go a long way. if your work hours don’t permit you to get up at Brahma muhurta then try getting up as early as possible and don’t use your phone or laptop while still in bed. if you cannot massage your body and exercise daily then do it at least thrice a week.

    By taking small steps we can reach our goal i.e. optimum health. As it is rightly said, slowly is the fastest way to get where you want to be 🙂

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